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Location Map

Dhyana Buddha statue

The Dhyana Buddha statue is a statue of a Buddha in Amaravathi, India.The Dhyana Buddha statue of 125 ft (38 m) is located at Amaravati. It is situated on the banks of Krishna river in 4.5 acres (1.8 ha) with eight pillars on a Lotus pandal.

The statue was commissioned in 2003 and completed in 2015. The statue has a museum in the base underneath it, which consists of sculptures depicting scenes with Buddhist significance, most modern copies of the original reliefs from the Amaravati Mahachaitya stupa which are now in museums around India and the world. The eight pillars signifies path for salvation followed by Buddha, four zones for noble truths and five ayaka pillars for stages of life.


Pavitra Sangamam

This place located near Ibrahimpatnam by the side of river Krishna. After making a arrangement a stream of water of Godavari river flows through kennels and joins Krishna river at this place. The area is nicely developed with parks and gardens to attract tourist. Boating and water sports facilities are also developed by the side of the Krishna river. Colorful lighting arrangements with high mast towers are constructed to illuminate the area during evening hours.

There is an arrangement to perform evening Aarti of Krishna river in line with Ganga Aarti done at Haridwar and Banaras.


Durga Temple

The temple of Kanaka Durga the Goddess of power, riches and benevolence and the presiding deity of Vijayawada, is swarmed by lakhs of pilgrims for worship during the "Navarathri" festival which is celebrated with Religious fervour, pomp and festivity. The small but ancient temple of Kanaka Durga , a top the Indrakeeladri hill on the banks of the Sacred river Krishna in Vijayawada abounds with legends of historical interest.

Indrakeeladri is unique in that it has been the chosen abode of Kanaka Durga and Her consort Malleswara as Swayambhu (the self-existent one). Here Durga is one the right side of Malleswara as against the tradition of Goddesses taking their position on the left of their consorts. This shows that Shakthi is predominant on the Indrakeeladri.


Prakasam Barrage

The Barrage is built in a venetian style and consists of around 160 pillars.Prakasam barrage is considered as one of the known tourist spot, as people from different countries visit this barrage to see the marvellous view of River Krishna. Many people visit this place in the evening to sense the peaceful environment and the cool breeze of the barrage.The lightining from the start point to the end point of the barrage seems amazing at night.

This dam has benifitted Andhra pradesh by serving as a major source of water supply for irrigation, cultivation of crops and by increasing the economy of the state.The barrage remains open 24 hours you can enjoy the view of shimmry lake whenever you want.It is a very beautiful barrage and is a must visit place.


Undavalli caves

Hills around Vijayawada are rich with rock-cut architecture but the most magnificent and largest among these monuments is the largest of Undavalli Caves - amazing achievement of engineering, four floors high rock-cut temple with numerous sculptures and murals.

There are several smaller rock-cut chambers nearby but the main attention is given to the large four storied cave. From the distance it resembles an abandoned fort but when approaching it there reveals an exciting sight - whole enormous structure is cut in monolithic sandstone cliff.
Cave in its planning belongs to the earliest examples of Gupta architecture although several details in the second floor show the influence of Chalukyan architecture.


Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli Fort is a marvellous 14th-century fort located in the village of Kondapalli in Krishna district near Vijayawada. The resplendent fort is considered of great historical importance and attracts tourists from all over the world. Locals frequent the site for a day-long picnic with friends and family due to its proximity from Vijayawada, which is just 23 kilometres away.

As you explore the exalted fort, be sure to notice the breathtaking view of the valley. The village is famous for wooden toys, especially the Kondapalli Dolls. If you are lucky, you might just find a vendor selling these beautiful dolls for you take back as souvenirs.


Bhavani Island

Bhavani island is one of the largest islands on a river and is located on the Krishna river at Vijayawada. The vast expanse of the island proves to be the perfect place for a relaxing weekend. If you are one for adventure sports and water slides, this is an exhilarating place to visit! It is named after the Goddess Bhavani or Kanaka Durga whose temple is on the Indrakeeladri hill close to the island.
Bhavani island can be reached by boat from the banks of Krishna river. Approaching the island from the banks, you will enjoy the lush green surroundings and beauty of the Krishna river. If you are on the island especially during sunrise, you have the most spectacular view of the sunlight dancing on flowing waters of the river. It is a magical place for nature lovers.

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